"I have been extremely pleased with the professional and astute way in which John has dealt with my injury. On my first visit John immediately identified specific muscular and postural problems. Even my initial treatment was one of instant pain relief offering the potential for yet more positive results in the future. John’s treatment and uncomplicated encouragement has been the motivation for me to once again aspire to be more proactive with my fitness and to get myself back on track. A very personable and knowledgeable practitioner highly recommended."

MB, Retired

"I came to see John after three years of suffering with lower back and hip pain. During that time I had seen numerous professionals who temporarily helped but never really got to the route of the problem. In no time John got to the source of the problem and I am back doing yoga, spinning and running pain free. I have also been given the necessary stretches and exercises to prevent further injury. I was very impressed with his expertise and professional manner and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

DP, Housewife


"I suffered from a Brain Haemorrhage in December 2004 which meant that I was suffering from partial paralysis of the right side of my body.  I have been working to overcome this since then. John worked on my leg, and got the right leg to go down flat, rather than go down with the heel up slightly. He also worked on my right arm getting this a lot straighter, and giving me various exercises to do with the arm. Overall, I was very pleased with the progress I made with John."

PP, Purchasing Professional


"John has been a great help in treating many of the niggles and small injuries, that I pick up throughout the Rugby season and ensuring that I have been able to stay fit and continue to play at a high level week in, week out. He really helped me with a shoulder injury I had sustained, where he improved my mobility through our sessions whilst also providing me with useful techniques and better training practices that have meant the injury has not reoccurred. I would highly recommend John, he treats his clients in a friendly yet professional manner whilst providing a great treatment service."

SN, Property Manager


"A year and a half ago I dislocated my shoulder through training, damaging my rotator cuff and the surrounding ligaments/tendons. I have had restricted movement and pain in the said areas. After a few appointments with John this has changed dramatically and surprisingly! I have regained strength and movement in my shoulder, obviously by the work John did through the sessions and by also following through with exercises I was given to do in my own time. I fully recommend John, for a young man he possesses good communication skills and knowledge."

LD, Manager and Tattoo Artist


"Back in November 2016 I was suffering with what I thought was frozen shoulder and had very limited movement/pain and discomfort. After going down the very slow NHS/physio side of things I was getting nowhere, I eventually was referred to the ultra sound department to identify the exact cause. It turned out to be a torn muscle in the shoulder blade area. Now I knew what the problem was, I then decided to go down the private therapy route as I had heard very good reviews about John Reed and his work. After a few sessions in, I was amazed with the movement and strength I had regained and I was well on the way to total recovery. Before I knew it I was gradually back in the gym and my shoulder has went from strength to strength. Since finishing the treatment and taking it slowly I am now boxing and lifting weights at my pre injury level and it is all down to John and his help/guidance. Highly recommend John and his services. Thanks again John"

PK, Window Cleaner


"I used John's service to relieve some persistent tension and stiffness in my neck and shoulders that was affecting my range of movement. I was quite surprised at the difference that John was able to make from one treatment using some really effective techniques thanks John! Would definitely recommend."

KC, Ex-Professional Athlete

"I have had three appointments so far with John. He is very thorough and professional. I have far more movement from my shoulder each time I go and he gives me exercises to do at home to help myself too. I would definitely recommend a visit."

DD, Massage Therapist


"A friend of mine recommended John to help me recover from tendon and muscular injuries I'd picked up playing sport. If you've got any niggling injuries that won't seem to go away you should contact John - I'm confident he can help to get you back to your normal self."

JG, Client Project Executive

"I first came to see John for muscular tension I was getting through high amounts of swimming training. I saw John on a regular bases and he was able to keep me in tip top shape. Because of the work John was doing, I was able to achieve a personal best at my most recent swimming competition."

MJ, Student (High Performing Swimmer)

"As someone who has had scoliosis surgery, back movement and flexibility are things I struggle with. John really helped me with this, and after one session I immediately felt less tense and had a considerable increase in range of movement. He even gave me exercises to do between sessions which have proved useful by increasing flexibility in other areas, giving me better movement overall. Most importantly however, he was careful not to overstretch me in ways my back could not bend, and always asked if I as comfortable doing an exercise before pushing me to do it. I am now able to do simple tasks with ease, like putting my socks on in the morning, which was a struggle before I saw John."

RB, Student