What's Your Privacy Policy?
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How Many Treatments?
Everyone is different... Here at BodyCare Therapy we tailor our treatment plans to the individual. Some will only need one or two sessions, others will need a series of treatments depending on the conditions assessed. Many choose to have treatments on a regular basis for maintenance.
Does Treatment Hurt?
Sometimes treatment will hurt, but we would never put you in a position where you feel uncomfortable with it.
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How Long Do Treatments Last?
All treatments will last approximately 45 minutes long.
What Happens On My First Appointment?
On your first appointment at BodyCare Therapy we will go through your medical history so we can get a picture of your anatomy and physiology at that point in time and then discuss the reasons for treatment. After we will then set up a treatment plan tailored to you.
But do not worry! Everything will be explained on the day of treatment.
I Don't Know What To Wear...
Just come in your normal clothes...
We may ask you to get undressed down to your underwear, so remember to wear them! Also towels are used to cover areas not being treated.