Sports Injury Clinic in Bristol

Are you suffering from a sporting injury? Do you need an expert to help prevent future injuries from occurring? With our sports massage therapy and injury rehabilitation treatments, Bodycare Therapy in Bristol can help you with just that. 


Highly educated and trained in all things sports, nutrition and massage, our sports specialist holds the highest relevant qualification currently available in the country - a Level 5 Diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage from the London School of Sports Massage. Also a member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM), there is no one more qualified to help you recover from an injury at our sports injury clinic in Bristol.

Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

Regardless of the level of exercise you undertake, sports massage therapy can be beneficial for you. A form of deep tissue massage focused on resolving and/or preventing a specific problem, it involves a wide range of techniques to relax your muscles. Known to increase tissue permeability and elasticity, reduce pain and break down scar tissue, sports massage therapy can accelerate your recovery from a sporting injury and help prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Following an initial assessment, we will tailor your treatment to your needs so whether you are training for a marathon or recovering from a sporting injury, our sports experts can help you.

What Are The Benefits of Sports Massage and Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

As previously mentioned, sports massage therapy can be beneficial for you regardless of the level or intensity of exercise you undertake. Some of the top benefits of sports massage and physiotherapy include:

- Pain relief

- Increased flexibility and range of motion

- Decreased muscle tension

- Improved quality of sleep

- Reduced injury time / accelerated recovery time

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Whilst sports massage, physiotherapy and injury rehabiliation are all effective in treating sports injuries, regular sports massage can also be effective in helping prevent sports injuries from occurring and reoccurring. You can also reduce your risk of injury during sports by:

- Warming up properly before exercise

- Using the right equipment

- Not over-exerting yourself during exercise

- Ensuring you complete exercises in the correct form

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